This document is intended to provide guidance to anyone wishing to construct peripherals for the Psion SIBO (sixteen bit organiser) range of computers. It describes in detail all aspects of Psion peripheral hardware development and the structure of the software required to drive such peripherals.

It is the aim of this document to aid third party development engineers in producing production ready peripherals for any of the following Psion products: Series 3/3a, Workabout, HC and HCDOS. Mechanical and plastic moulding information and information on how to develop production test equipment is therefore also included. The emphasis throughout is on the two key Psion peripheral chips ASIC4 and ASIC5. Detailed information regarding their functionality is provided. The structure of Psion hardware device drivers is examined both in general outline and then with regard to two specific examples whose source code is provided in the appendix to this document. It has been assumed that the reader has some knowledge of a Psion computer such as the Series 3/3a and an understanding of how such a machine is programmed. A good understanding of electronics, the C programming language and 8086 assembler is also assumed.

Due to the continuous nature of development, information in this manual may change without notice. Developers are advised to contact Psion Support to confirm critical details prior to committing products to manufacture.