Welcome to the Psion Documentation Project

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This is the Psion Documentation Project. It is currently very early alpha! There are probably huge mistakes with the documentation you will find here and it's currently not very well organised.

This is where you come in.

Accounts are currently issued on an invite-only basis, but will soon be opened up to the public.

This project is run by the same people as The Last Psion Project, an attempt to reinvigorate passion for Psion's SIBO/EPOC16 platform, as well as develop hardware and software. While The Last Psion's focus is on the 16 bit machines, we want this site to cover all machines with the Psion logo and their clones (Acorn).

Do you have any original Psion source code?

The Last Psion Project is looking for any and all source code used within Psion during the early 90s, including the source for the EPOC16 operating system. We are also looking for internal documentation. Please get in touch!


This open source project is sponsored by HostPresto!