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SIBO 'Emulators'

SIBO stands for SIxteen Bit Operating system, and refers to the operating system which runs on Psion Siena, Workabout, Series 3 (Classic), Series 3a and Series 3c/3mx. The OS is often also referred to as EPOC16.

Psion released 'emulators' of some of these machines to run under DOS, which allows you to develop software on a full-sized screen and keyboard.

To Emulate or Not to Emulate

I think I am right in saying that technically these are not emulators but instances of the SIBO operating system running under DOS... or something. But it is easier to call them emulators as people can relate to that, so that is what I shall call them here.


These emulators only run under the DOS environment; they will not operate from within an MS-DOS Prompt (CMD or Command) from Windows .


However, you can use the open-source x86 emulator DOSBox to run these emulators.

See the Tips page for more details.


Choose an emulator

There are emulators available for the Psion Series 3 Classic, Psion Series 3a, Psion Series 3c, Psion Siena and Psion WorkAbout.

Series 3Psion Series 3 (Classic)

Series 3aPsion Series 3a

Series 3cPsion Series 3c

SienaPsion Siena

WorkaboutPsion WorkAbout

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