Programming for Psion Workabout?

If you want to write programs in OPL for Psion Workabout, the Kosmo text editor could become very handy as it offers the OPL’s syntax highlighting and option to compile OPL program on the PC into the OPO file. After transferring to the Workabout, the OPO file can be executed on it.
All you need is the PsiWin installed and the cable for connecting the Workabout.
The editor allows exporting source code to the HTML file, so you can retain syntax highlighting in your Blog post. The Scratch Pad feature allows copying snippets of code to and from the scratch Pad (right panel).

Kosmo's screenshot
click to enlarge

The example source code from the above picture was exported to HTML and pasted here;

PROC Birthday:
REM This procedure finds out on which day of the week people were born.
LOCAL day&, month&, year&, DayInWk%
      dTEXT "","Enter your date of birth",2
      dTEXT "","Use numbers, eg 23 12 1963",$202
      dLONG day&,"Day",1,31
      dLONG month&,"Month",1,12
      dLONG year&,"Year",1900,2155
      IF DIALOG=0
      CLS :PRINT DAYNAME$(DayInWk%),day&,month&,year&
      dINIT "Again?"
      dBUTTONS "No",%N,"Yes",%Y

Also recording/playing/loading macros is implemented.

The Kosmo text editor is a shareware program. After 30 days you will need to contact the author to get a registration.

Download here:
Kosmo editor for writing OPL programs (75 downloads) .
MD5 hash for the file: 483ba031b8d26a5decc1e017a7cff270

Drop a comment below if you want  to find out more.

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