Standard Psion error codes
Last modified 1994-10-19

This file lists the standard Psion error and panic codes. An error code is
returned by a device driver (through IOA, IOC, and IOW) or a system call
(through CALL and OS). A panic code is used when a process is terminated by
the kernel, a server, or itself because of an unrecoverable error (panics
should never happen just because of errors in user input).

@To be completed; see PLIB Reference page 50 et seq@

Error codes

NoErr                   0    No error
FailErr                -1    Failure 
ArgumentErr            -2    Invalid arguments 
OsErr                  -3    Operating system error 
NotSupportedErr        -4    Not supported function 
UnderflowErr           -5    Underflow 
OverflowErr            -6    Overflow 
RangeErr               -7    Argument range 
DivideByZeroErr        -8    Divide by zero 
InUseErr               -9    Resource in use 
NoMemoryErr           -10    No memory left OR IoAllocErr@
NoSegmentsErr         -11    No segments left 
NoSemaphoreErr        -12    No semaphores left 
NoProcessErr          -13    No processes left 
AlreadyOpenErr        -14    Resource already open 
NotOpenErr            -15    Resource not open 
ImageErr              -16    Invalid image file 
NoReceiverErr         -17    No message receiver 
NoDevicesErr          -18    No devices left 
NoFileSystemErr       -19    No file system left 
FailedToStartErr      -20    Failed to start application 
FontNotLoadedErr      -21    Font not loaded
TooWideErr            -22    Too wide
TooManyItemsErr       -23    Too many items
BatLowSoundErr        -24    Battery too low for sound
BatLowFlashErr        -25    Battery too low for flash OR invalid world file
WLD:DelHome           -26    Attempt to delete current home city
WLD:DelCapital        -27    Attempt to delete a capital city
WLD:Duplicate         -28    Duplicate entry in world file
ExistsErr             -32    Object already exists
NotExistsErr          -33    Object does not exist
WriteErr              -34    Unable to write
ReadErr               -35    Unable to read
EofErr                -36    End of file reached
FullErr               -37    Device full
NameErr               -38    Bad name
AccessErr             -39    Access not permitted
LockedErr             -40    File or device locked
DeviceErr             -41    
DirErr                -42
RecordErr             -43
ReadOnlyErr           -44
IoInvalidErr          -45
PendingErr            -46
VolumeErr             -47
CancelErr             -48
ReservedErr           -49
DisconnectErr         -50
ConnectErr            -51
ReTransmitErr         -52
LineErr               -53
InActivityErr         -54
ParityErr             -55
FrameErr              -56
OverrunErr            -57
ModemConnectErr       -58
ModemBusyErr          -59
ModemNoAnswerErr      -60
ModemBlacklistErr     -61
NotReadyErr           -62
UnknownErr            -63
DirFullErr            -64
WriteProtectErr       -65
CorruptMediaErr       -66
AbortErr              -67
EraseErr              -68
InvalidFileErr        -69
ERR_IPC_QUEUE_LEN    -150    Bad queue length for IPC messages
ERR_IPC_MESS_SIZE    -151    Bad IPC message size
ERR_MENU_NO_WINDOW   -170    No more windows left
ERR_MENU_BAD_STRUCT  -171    Bad menu structure
ERR_MENU_DUP_FASTKEY -172    Attempt to add fastkeys with duplicate letter
ERR_INVALID_PATH     -200    Pathname is invalid
ERR_COMM_PORT        -220    Invalid port name
ERR_COMM_BAUD        -221    Invalid baud rate
ERR_COMM_PARITY      -222    Invalid parity setting
ERR_COMM_FRAME       -223    Invalid data frame
ERR_COMM_HAND        -224    Invalid handshaking
ERR_COMM_TIMEOUT     -225    Timeout occurred
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