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Software Development Kit

Thank you for your interest in this CD-ROM over the last nine years or so. Unfortunately, I've had to discontinue producing it due to family commitments (twin boys!).

If you are really desperate for one then drop me an email and if I have one kicking around my study I'll happily send it to you for free.

EPOC R5 / Symbian OS v.5



SIBO and EPOC/Symbian

Contains all SIBO emulators, all EPOC R5 SDKs, plus loads of software and tools.

Please note: I'm no longer selling the CD-ROM, but if you are really desperate for one and I may have one or two still kicking around which I'll happily send you for free.

NetPad OS and Quartz 6.1 SDK



NetPad and Quartz OS 6.1

Contained the NetPad SDK and OS, plus the Quartz 6.1 SDK, as well as the EPOC R5 SDKs in zipped format.

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