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Page updated: Wednesday 30 January 2013

Before anyone else writes to me asking if I can fix their Psion for them: I do not repair Psion PDAs.

I have simply compiled as much information here as I can find on where you can get your Psion fixed.

Common repair problems

Even a brief jaunt through the Psion newsgroups will show that there a number of common problems that frequently occur with Psion range of PDAs. Some of these include:

Series 3a / 3c / 3mx

  • SSD doors don't close properly
  • Broken screen or screen shows black lines

Series 5 / 5mx

If you experience these, or other, problems, don't despair, you can still get your machine fixed.


United Kingdom


As well as selling a huge range of classic Psion and Psion Teklogix hardware and software PsionEx also the following servicing:

PsionEx purchased most of the last spares that POS had to service Revo/3c/3mx etc and they have also manufactured a "professional" 5mx flexi cable. They offer a one year warranty on all their repairs. PsionEx are now the only commercial (full-time with employees) Psion repair specialists within the UK.

  • Psion Workabout MX / Workabout Pro and 7535 repair and servicing from £125
  • Psion Series 5mx service including new screen cable £99.00
  • Psion Revo Plus service, including new battery £65.00
  • Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx service £65.00


Proporta hard caseProtect your Psion

The Pod hard case from Proporta is the world’s most protective case for your Psion handheld.

Purpose designed and injection moulded from crash-helmet grade ABS plastic – the Pod has even been aircraft drop tested


  • smart fabric impact absorbent lining
  • two secure sliding catches – stays closed even during an impact
  • secure internal storage for two CompactFlash memory cards and business cards
  • cutaways give access to your stylus, PsiWin and power cables while your handheld is still in the case.


I bought one of these for my new Psion Series 5mx, and I now want one for my 3mx too. Having once accidentally dropped my 3mx and smashed the screen I certainly feel that my 5mx is far more protected in this case, even if I happen to drop it.

Update: Having used this case for almost a year now I thoroughly recommend it. I've accidentally dropped my Psion (in this case) a couple of times, once in the Tesco carpark, and another time off a chair, and it has kept my Psion safe and sound. Phew! What are you waiting for? Go and buy one, right now!

A bargain at £24.95 plus P&P. Check out for more colours and accessories.



One of the most common repair problems with the Psion Series 5 and Series 5mx is that the screen cable fractures, leaving you with an unusable screen with a pretty (if annoying) pattern of horizontal lines across your screen.

PsionFlexi offer a very reasonable service to either supply you with a replacement screen cable which you will have to fit yourself, or they will fit it for you for a little more money.

But they don't just stop at screen repairs, check out their website to see what else they offer in terms of both repairs and spares.


DIY Repairs

While I personally wouldn't open up my Psion and delve inside there are a great many people infinitely more qualified than I who would.

Series 3a


Series 5




Pulster still have a active repair service for Psion Netbook EPOC + PRO.

For a flat rate of only €59 Euros they can fix any fault (except broken displays). Sorry to say, the closing lid is not easily exchangeable, you have to remove LCD from upper case lid, which is a bit tricky.



PSRS GmbH still repair Psion machines. I have no other details and their website doesn't explain what they can or cannot do. Someone emailed to tell me that it is "a very goor Psion-repair-shop in Germany".




410Palm are an approved Psion Service Centre of Canada, located in Toronto. Their Palmtop Support Services sell and support many varieties of PDA including Palm and Psion.

They may still repair and service the following:

  • Series 3a
  • Series 3c/3mx
  • Series 5
  • Series 5mx
  • Ericsson MC218

Prices are in Canadian dollars (CA$) .


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