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Psi-Sync for MS Outlook

In the good old days of my Psion Siena and MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11 I used PsiWin 1.1 to synchronise my Agenda with Schedule+.

When I upgraded to Windows 98se, MS Outlook 2000 and a Psion 3mx I had to find something else to do the synchronising; neither PsiWin 1.1 nor PsiWin 2.x were up to the job.

Somebody pointed me to Brian Cadge's excellent Psi-Sync for MS Outlook.

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What does Psi-Sync do?

Psi-Sync for Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000 (and, I presume 2002 and 2003) allows you to synchronize your Psion Siena, Series 3a, 3c or 3mx:

  • MS Outlook Calendar with Psion Agenda
  • MS Outlook Tasks with Psion Agenda To-do
  • MS Outlook Contacts with Psion Data
  • MS Outlook Notes with Psion Data/Jotter

EMessage & Inbox

Psi-Sync also has an optional EMessage and Inbox aliases which allow you to create simple e-mail messages (EMessages) on your Psion for sending via Outlook and the Inbox alias enables you to download e-mails from your Outlook Inbox for reading on-the-move.


The HotSync feature enables automatic synchronisation and backup to be carried out whenever you connect your Psion to the PC.



Psi-Sync websitePsi-Sync for MS Outlook is now no longer available to buy, and as the original Gadec website is also unavailable, I'm making these files available for those users who've e-mailed me asking for them.

install Psi-Sync for Microsoft Outlook v.1.8 4.01 MB
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install Contacts Upload v.1.53 125 KB
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No new registrations are being accepted now.

Registered users

  • can synchronise Outlook Calendars & Tasks with the Psion Agenda.
  • can select which Contacts fields you want to transfer to the Psion Databases and the order of them.
  • are entitled to free updates and future releases of Psi-Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Registration code

The format for entering the registration code is:

Registered Name,xxx-yyy-zzz-aaa

so, for example:

Gareth Saunders,234-567-890-123

So, the name is whatever name you registered with; the name and list of numbers are separated by a comma, with no space either side; the four groups of three numbers are separated by hyphens.

Registered downloads

Registered users can also use the following utilites:

  • psisync-addin.gif - 2kb
  • Outlook Toolbar Add-In to start Psi-Sync from within Outlook.

  • psisync-cuu-icon.gif - 1kb
  • Contacts Upload Utility to transfer any existing Psion Data files to an Outlook Contacts folder

  • psisync-acu-icon.gif - 1kb
  • Advanced Configuration Utility to control the name of the files on the Psion, e.g. call your 'Contacts': Address, or 'Outlook': Filofax, etc.


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