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EPOC 32 Programming

One of the great things about the Psion computers is how easily they can be programmed, either on the Psion machine itself (OPL) or by using a PC-based software development kit (SDK).

This page covers programming on the EPOC / Symbian machines (Revo, Revo Plus, Series 5, Series 5mx, Series 7, NetBook and NetPad).


One major difference between developing software on the EPOC16 (SIBO) machines and the later EPOC32 (Symbian) machines is the wide availability of Software Development Kits for EPOC/Symbian.

You would be well-advised to download (or otherwise obtain) the appropriate SDK for the programming language of your choice.

Choose from...

There are five SDKs available for the Psion EPOC R5 / Symbian OS v.5 range of palmtop computers:

See the EPOC Emulators page for more details, and the Order SDKs on CD-ROM page on how to obtain them from me.

The SDKs provide a convenient way of developing applications on a Windows PC, and in the case of C++, Java and Connectivity the only way of developing applications as these cannot (easily) be done on the Psion machine itself.



This page offers no more than a point in the right direction in obtaining the right tools for the job.

Up until now my experience has been programming SIBO machines in OPL16. With my new Series 5mx I am exploring programming this EPOC machine.

I am no programming expert, just a keen amateur, but I hope to be able to point you in the right direction towards the information you need.


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