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SIBO (EPOC16) programming

One of the great things about the Psion computers is how easily they can be programmed.

This can be done on the Psion machine itself (using the built-in OPL editor) or by using a PC-based software development kit (SDK), software development environment (SDE) or Psion 'emulator'.

What language do you want?

The SIBO machines (Siena, Series 3a, Series 3c, Series 3mx, Workabout, and Workabout mx) can be programmed using

There are also a number of excellent books to help you program Psion computers.


This page offers no more than a point in the right direction in obtaining the right tools for the job. My own interest and experience is in OPL16 on SIBO machines.

I am no programming expert, just a keen amateur, but I hope to be able to point you in the right direction towards the information you need.


MS-DOS iconEmulators

Check out the SIBO Emulators page for details about the Psion Series 3, Series 3a, Siena and WorkAbout emulators. These run the SIBO O/S under an MS-DOS environment (not a Windows Shell to DOS) and allow you to test, run or develop SIBO software.

There is a neat trick that increases the screen size of the emulator to 480 x 640 pixels, which allows you to see more lines of code in the OPL Editor.

Go to the SIBO Emulators page.


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